Valve Box

Individual monitoring of your clinical areas according to DIN EN ISO 7396-1

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User-friendly digital monitoring

An integrated LED monitoring system displays the operating states of each individual gas type

Flexible installation

Easily adapted to any existing facility structures, either as surface or flush mounted installation

Quick emergency access

An emergency button grants fast access to the pipeline in case of fire or other emergency malfunction

Technical Specifications  
Installation dimensions (hxwxd) 420x420x90 mm
Door with emergency button and doorframe 450x450x11 mm
Number of shut-off units 1 to 5 gases
Medical gas pressure sensor 0 - 16 bar
Vacuum pressure sensor 0 - 1 bar
Monitoring system setting variable
Supply voltage 230 V/50-60 Hz
Max. power input 8 W
Relay contact changeover
Contact load 48 V AC/ 48 V DC / 1,0A; 3 X; 60 VA
Display LCD / LED RGB
Flash frequency 1 Hz/ 12 min cycle
Integration into external monitoring system Connections are preinstalled
Ambient temperature  -20 °C to  +60°C
Max. Humidity 95%