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Annual Inspections

Annual inspections highlight the true operation of a medical gas system and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and equipment reliability. The Annual Inspection will ensure your medical gas systems are compliant with NFPA 99 criteria and other applicable codes to improve patient care and safety. 

Ensure your Medical Gas Equipment is operating safely and meets all the regulatory requirements.

Boom and Headwall Inspections

Safeguard that hoses inside of booms and headwalls do not have leaks and correct flow.

NFPA 99: 2018 requires hose inspections every 18 months.


Increasing amounts of regulation have created the need to develop a compliance management program within healthcare facilities. We have the capabilities to perform NFPA compliance testing as required under state and local legislation.

Able to confirm whether the installation of medical gas equipment was done correctly and according to the code compliance.

Compliance Reporting

Provide Maintenance, Repair, and Operational compliance information on all facilities at any time.

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