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Planned Maintenance (PM)

Repair work that is performed on a piece of equipment on a scheduled basis. Our thorough service may identify needed repairs, which once completed, could prevent an unscheduled shutdown of your equipment. BeaconMedæs offers this service at a flat rate that can be designed to fit your budget – billed per visit, quarterly or yearly. Properly maintained equipment is more reliable, will reduce downtime, and will save you money in the long run. BeaconMedæs offers PM contracts for most types of Medical Gas equipment.

Designed to keep your equipment operating smoothly to prevent an unscheduled shutdown of your equipment

Corrective Maintenance

This is typically unscheduled work, requested by the customer or person performing planned maintenance. These types of repairs would not be included typically in the PM contract, even though the PM service may be instrumental in identification of the needed repair. BeaconMedæs always offers competitive labor rates and OEM parts pricing as well. 

Restore equipment to proper operating condition

Installation Services

BeaconMedæs provides trained professionals to install or verify and assist in the start-up of your new Medical Gas or Vacuum Systems. See our Sales and Service Directory for your nearest representative. You may also contact us at 888 463 3427.

On-Hand Inventory for Faster Service

BeaconMedæs has a large and vast “on-hand” inventory of medical gas parts. Our service center stocks over $1M worth of parts, so that your repair can be completed on the FIRST visit. Not only do we have a large inventory of parts at our manufacturing facilities available for quick shipment, but we can also offer same-day delivery to most metropolitan areas.

To discover how BeaconMedæs can best support you, contact our US office at + 888 463 3427

To find a trained service specialist in your area, please see our Sales and Service Directory.

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