Lubricated Vane Lab Vacuum Systems

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The BeaconMedæs laboratory central vacuum contains an oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump. Features include:

  • The pump is air-cooled with no water requirements
  • Lubrication is provided by an integral, fully recirculating oil supply
  • Oil is filtered by an automotive-type, spin-on oil filter
  • Equipped with oil drain valve
  • Oil separation system removes 99.9+ percent of all oil and smoke particles from the exhaust gas system
  • Pump is mounted on vibration isolators
  • The automatic purge system flushes any gases from the pump to prevent condensation as the pump cools. The purge system is also equipped with controls to operate a 15-minute shutdown purge. In the event that the supply of air or water is discontinued, an isolation valve will move to a closed position and the purge valve will open.

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