Claw Lab Vacuum Systems

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The BeaconMedæs oil-less claw laboratory vacuum is available in a tank or base mount configuration and a simplex, duplex, triplex or quadruplex pumping source. The vacuum pump is a dry running rotary claw. Features include:

  • Air-cooled pump with no water requirements
  • Low maintenance: Due to the contact-less operation, the only maintenance is a simple matter of replacing the gear oil and inlet filers
  • Pump mounted on vibration isolators
  • The vacuum’s purge system and manual bleed valve help to reduce the effect of corrosive process gas.
  • The automatic purge system flushes any gases from the pump to prevent condensation as the pump cools. The purge system is also equipped with controls to operate a 15-minute shutdown purge. In the event that the supply of air or water is discontinued, an isolation valve will move to a closed position and the purge valve will open. The bleed valve is used to introduce a “leak” into the system and to achieve the desired “lead” rate. The pump must run with lubricating oil.

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