Delivery Panels

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The BeaconMedaes DP3000 Series Delivery Panels are designed primarily for use with hazardous gases. They can also be used to maintain a high level of purity. Delivery panels can be designed in five configurations, each of them with a specific purpose, depending upon your application. Use of the delivery panels with a BeaconMedaes gas cabinet provides the high level of safety required when handling corrosive, flammable or toxic gases.

1 Valve Panel

2 Valve Panel

3 Valve Panel

4 Valve Panel

5 Valve Panel

DP3000-1 Specification Sheet


DP3000-2 Specification Sheet


DP3000-3 Specification Sheet


DP3000-4 Specification Sheet


DP3000-5 Specification Sheet


VALVES 1. Process Isolation Valve (Outlet Valve) 2. Cylinder Isolation Valve (Inlet Valve) 3. Regulator Vent Valve 4. Cylinder Vent Valve 5. Nitrogen Purge Valve OTHER VALVES A. Pressure Reducing Regulator B. Pressure Relief Valve C. Vent Outlet Check Valve D. Nitrogen Purge Check Valve