TCU Series

"Keep Cool" Temperature Control Unit for Liquid Nitrogen Piping

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Keeps Low Temperatures in Piping

Low temperatures in piping help bring liquid nitrogen faster to cryogenic freezers

Field Changeable Set Points

Temperature Controller allows you to program a set temperature


Ideal to use with the systems that store cryogenically frozen biological specimens

TCU Series: Temperature Control Unit

The BeaconMedaes TCU Series, Temperature Control Unit or "Keep Cool Unit" was designed to keep temperatures inside vacuum jacketed piping at low temperatures. This is done without flooding the piping with liquid cryogens and wasting small amounts of liquid nitrogen to the atmosphere through venting to keep piping cool.


• Blue Cool Down LED Indicator - LED illuminates when the unit is cooling down

• 120 VAC Power Cable - 120 VAC power consumption via 72" power cable

• Two Solenoid Valves - Includes two solenoid valves, opening and closing at the same time for better leak integrity

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