LCFS Series

Liquid Cylinder Fill Station for Laboratory Applications

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Use with Bulk Tanks

To use with bulk tanks to fill smaller, portable liquid cylinders

LED Visual Indicators

LEDs illuminate filling status

For Cryogenic Liquid

Use for Liquid Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen

LCFS Series: Liquid Cylinder Fill Station

The BeaconMedaes LCFS Series Liquid Cylinder Fill Station is an on-site cryogenic liquid cylinder filling station. The manual start/automatic stop filling station is used with a bulk cryogenic tank to fill portable conventional liquid cylinders.


• Emergency Shut-Off Button - Push Button to stop filling the cylinder in the case of an emergency

• Maximum Fill Time Selector - Set the maximum fill time to 30, 60 or 90 minutes with the three-position selector

• Temperature Probe Cable - Temperature Probe Cable used to detect "full" condition of the cylinder

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