AV600 Series

Ambient Vaporizers for Laboratory Applications

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Design Around Flow Needs

Increasing the number of fins used will increase maximum flow (SCFH)

Aluminum Fins

Heat exchange is facilitated by a series of fins that are part of extruded aluminum piping

For Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders

Use with Liquid Nitrogen, Argon or Oxygen

AV600 Series: Ambient Vaporizers

The BeaconMedaes AV600 Series, Ambient Air Vaporizers use atmospheric air to convert cryogenic liquid to gas through a series of aluminum fins


• Vertical Mount - Vertically Mounted to the floor in a space-saving design

• Heat Exchange Capacity - Dependent upon ambient temperature, length of finned aluminum pipes, air convection and exposure to sunlight.

• Used with VHK Series - To be used in conjunction with BeaconMedaes VHK series Vaporizer Hose Kit

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