CFAM-WX Series

Fully Automatic Switchover Manifold for Liquid Cylinders, Liquid Withdrawal, Scale Operated for Laboratory Applications

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Triggered by Weight

Scale controllers monitor the cylinder weight for fast reaction time


Can work with any type of cylinder size or stye and is designed to handle very high or very low pressure

For Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders

To use with liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen, but also liquid carbon dioxide.

CFAM-WX Series: Cryogenic Liquid Dispense Manifolds - Scale Actuated

The BeaconMedaes CFAM-WX Series Fully Automatic Switchover Manifolds assures a continuous supply of liquid cryogens or liquid carbon dioxide. It is set to transfer automatically from a depleted “In Service” supply bank to a “Stand-By” supply bank based on the net weight of cyrogenic liquid (or carbon dioxide).


• Visual Indicators - Six LED indicators displaying the status of each bank

• Scale Controller  - Two cylinder scales are connected to one scale controller, which will send a signal to the manifold control box when the bank is empty.

• Audible Signal - The buzzer is actuated each time a bank is depleted. A silencer pushbutton will kill the buzzer without extinguishing the corresponding red light.

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