Enclosed Scroll Lab Air Systems

Whether your activities are in medical or research laboratories, it is essential to eliminate risk.

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Pure Oil-Free Air

Tight clearances and no metal-to-metal contact between the scrolls eliminate the need for oil lubrication

Low Noise Level

The sound-insulated canopy ensures the Enclosed Scroll compressors are extremely quiet, making them suitable for any working environment

Energy Efficiency

A start/stop control ensures unloaded power consumption is eliminated. Variable Air Delivery matches the compressed air output to the air demand

With our Laboratory Enclosed Scroll air package, BeaconMedaes does that for you. The Enclosed Scroll falls in the category “Class 0” for oil content. The compressor prevents oil from entering your compressed air system, ensuring you always get the oil-free compressed air crucial to meeting your needs. The compressor package is floor mounted and enclosed in a steel, sound-insulated canopy, equipped with an integrated refrigerated dryer and receiver tank. Components Include:

  • Inlet filter
  • Air compressor element
  • Drive motor
  • Aftercooler
  • Starter and regulation system
  • Control panel
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