Medical Gas Design Services

BeaconMedaes Design Drawing

Designing, building and operating a medical gas distribution system can be complicated. It can involve hundreds of regulatory and safety considerations. An oversight could have serious implications for your project’s schedule and budget in addition to the dangers it could present to patients.

Consider the option of the BeaconMedæs Design Service. Our professional team, of medical gas engineers and designers can oversee a complete solution for your facility. BeaconMedæs is the world leader in medical gas design and manufacture, with over fifty years experience.

Quality is paramount at BeaconMedæs, and it will be reflected in everything we do for you. Involve us from day one and we will ensure that from the first consultation to the final certification your project runs smoothly.

To learn more information about our Design services for NFPA standard or to obtain a copy of our Medical Gas Design Guide (NFPA), please email [email protected]

To learn more information about our Design services for ISO – HTM standard, please email [email protected]