Covid-19 projects

600-bed facility for covid-19 patients

rhode island beaocnmedaes mega3 alarm
A center in Rhode Island is currently in the process of transitioning into a 600-bed facility for COVID-19 patients. Our team worked with the engineer on the design to ensure the zones to best fit with our Vertical Zone Valve Box's we had in stock, so we could ship more quickly. In addition to Vertical Zone Valve Boxes, BeaconMedaes also supplied Series B DISS outlets, Mega3 Area Alarms, Master Alarms Valves, and EOSC. With the help of the general contractor, plumbing contractor, and engineering firm, this 600-bed facility is on track to help those diagnosed with the virus.

400-bed facility

rhode island overview hall covid 19 project
While building a 400-bed field hospital in Rhode Island, BeaconMedaes was called for help. We supplied the outlets, Vertical Zone Valve Boxes, and alarms that were in stock and overnighted the remaining Vertical Zone Valve Boxes and alarms still needed. Our service technician and specialist will be at this site soon to coordinate the alarms and zone valves that are getting surface mounted.

Vertical Zone Valve Boxes and outlets

A hospital in Rhode Island currently has 450 beds designated for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 but is ready to add 250 more if needed. We supplied Vertical Zone Valve Boxes and outlets throughout this facility and are prepared to provide more if the extra beds are required.