The importance of cross infection control for patient and staff safety

March 18, 2020

Author: Jay D'Agostino

Hygiene is critical in healthcare environments such as hospitals, surgery centers, home care and specialized care homes. Even with isolation protocols and good hand hygiene practices, as well as cleaning of healthcare surfaces, hospital care still faces the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI), one of the most serious patient safety concerns. As patient safety is the prime focus of healthcare, preventing HCAI remains a top priority.

At BeaconMedaes we always put the customer first by delivering Superior Customer Solutions, Globally. Including the Biomaster antimicrobial additive in the range of our patient environment and pipeline product line is just one way we provide peace of mind to patients, and staff alike. Whether it’s our terminal units, zone valve boxes, or alarms, you can rest assured that we have products that help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Learn more on how the Biomaster Technology works.

Virus bacteria cells background. High detailed 3d render
Biomaster is used in hospitals, dental facilities, surgery centers, care homes and general medical practices around the world, and is built into beds, nurse call systems, wall and ceiling paints, pull cords, door handles and other products. The use of Biomaster Technology in healthcare environments minimizes the risk of bacterial buildup of harmful organisms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a leading manufacturer of medical gas systems, we recently partnered with another company that is leading the revolution to change the way hospitals are disinfected so we can contribute to providing safer alternatives to the current cross infection control protocols. Read on to hear what Barry Hunt, President of Prescientx has to say.

BeaconMedaes was the first medical gas equipment company to offer antimicrobial terminal units. As a leading global company, with demonstrated commitment to patient safety, BeaconMedaes was a natural partner for us to help globalize our Engineered Infection Prevention technology, a 2017 Top 10 World Patient Safety Innovation. Hospitals worldwide can now benefit from access to self-disinfecting sinks, and built-in AutoUVTM bathroom and patient room disinfectors that provide 24/7 protection for patients and staff. Cost-effective, rapidly deployable, mobile UV disinfectors are also available to help fight CoVID19 and other potential future global outbreaks that may occur.

Barry Hunt , President, Prescientx