BeaconMedaes Introduces MAT-S Automatic Manifold Changeover System

July, 2023 – BeaconMedaes has announced the launch of its next-generation Automatic Manifold Changeover System, the MAT-S. The medical gas supply system combines a proven design with innovative new features to deliver premium performance and reliability as well as lower operational and maintenance costs.

Medical gas systems are of vital importance to hospitals. Safe, quality patient care depends on a constant supply of oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, and other gases. That is why BeaconMedaes designed the new MAT-S Automatic Manifold Changeover System to deliver superior reliability. It offers a higher utilization rate and uptime, so it can be used longer and more frequently. In addition, its smart features make it easy and efficient to operate and is compliant to all medical standards.

High Reliability
The MAT-S comes with a dome-bias regulator design that has proven its reliability and performance for more than a decade. It helps reduce connections by 50% and therefore also the risk of leakages.

Low Operational and Maintenance Costs
The regulators of the MAT-S can be serviced without replacement, significantly lowering maintenance costs and time. Individual service valves allow servicing of any regulator without disrupting the gas supply, ensuring patients receive continuous care. Also, a 3-year warranty has been guaranteed.

Intelligent Control and Monitoring
The MAT-S comes as standard with a smart operating system. The controller features a 7” touch screen color display with a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface.

Fully compliant
The MAT-S can be used for the primary supply of medical gases, including Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Entonox, Medical Air, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Argon (only for NFPA). It can also provide back-up supply for medical or surgical air systems.

It comes in fully compliant HTM and NFPA versions and meets all applicable ISO and CSA standards.

MAT-S Automatic Manifold Changeover System HTM Closed View

As a leading specialist in medical gas distribution systems, BeaconMedaes has extensive experience in designing and building manifolds. With the MAT-S, we were able to combine a proven, trusted design with truly innovative features, such as the smart control system to give our customers exceptional value and performance. It allows them to meet their pledge to “always supply the patient” with ease and efficiency.

Arjune Venkataramani , Global Product Marketing Manager