Celebrating 20 Years of BeaconMedaes: A Journey of Achievements

Today, on October 23, 2023, we celebrate two decades of BeaconMedaes, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing journey. It's the perfect occasion to reflect on our remarkable history and showcase some of the pivotal moments that have defined our path.

Founded in 2003 and becoming part of the Atlas Copco Group since 2006, our story is one of constant growth and evolution.

Diversifying our offerings

In 2013, BeaconMedaes expanded its horizons by introducing a dedicated laboratory gas product line to its portfolio. This expansion allowed us to cater to the specialized needs of laboratory and research facilities.

As a service-focused brand, we have acquired and integrated four service providers into BeaconMedaes since 2019. A sign of continuous growth, a path we intend to continue.

Our dedication to innovation is evident in the introduction of pioneering products and services like MyMedGas, TotalAlert Infinity Notification System, TMA Medical Air System, MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold, and Gem Shield Outlets, all guided by our core principle: 'Always supply the patient.'

MAT-S Automatic Manifold Changeover System HTM Closed View Left Side
GEM Shield TU terminal unit DIM vacuum

These expansions enabled us to provide top-quality, dependable gas equipment crucial for supporting critical operations, solidifying our position as a global supplier of laboratory and medical gas equipment and enhancing our reputation in the healthcare and laboratory industry.

Revitalizing our brand identity

In 2020, we introduced a refreshed brand identity that mirrors our organization's evolution and growth. It incorporated new design elements and color palette while preserving the cherished BeaconMedaes blue. With the tagline "Life is in the details," we reasserted our role as an innovative and trustworthy medical gas solutions provider, embarking on a new chapter in sustaining life.

Merger with Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions

In 2022, Pneumatech Medical Gas Solutions was merged into BeaconMedaes, streamlining our operations and offering an extended product range with over 120 years of shared expertise in the medical gas industry. This consolidation into a single, well-established brand assures exceptional global and local support throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Global Presence

Our global reach is reflected in impressive numbers, including:

  • 3 medical gas competence centers 
  • 4 dedicated customer centers and supported by Atlas Copco customer centers
  • 9 production facilities
  • Over 85 international distributors and manufacturer representatives
  • And a team of over 480 colleagues, whose enthusiasm and dedication fuel our progress each day

As we celebrate this milestone, we express our gratitude to our colleagues, partners, and distributors who have been instrumental in our success over the past 20 years. Their dedication and hard work have been invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate another 20 years of growth and achievement together. Thank you for being part of our remarkable journey.