BeaconMedaes expands Suction & Oxygen Therapy line

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, is expanding its Suction, Oxygen, Therapy (SOT) line of products to reach more patients.

Keeping patient welfare at the forefront of the medical gas industry, BeaconMedaes is excited to announce the expansion of our Suction, Oxygen, and Therapy (SOT) line of products. While BeaconMedaes has suction regulators for any required therapeutic range and flow meters for any required flow, the line now includes products for adults, toddlers and infants. The oxygen required for an infant is much lower than oxygen required for an adult. Due to patient size, BeaconMedaes knows it is imperative to offer SOT products designed specifically for body size, said Bill Kaht, OEM Business Development Manager. “The expansion of our SOT line will enable our sales team to offer more comprehensive products to the healthcare market,” Kaht said. “Medical facilities require suction regulators and flow meters for infants to adults, and BeaconMedaes has once again answered their call.” To meet any facility’s need, BeaconMedaes SOT products are offered with a variety of hospital connections that conform to NFPA 99, ISO and world standards including FDA, HCA and CE. All popular outlet keying styles and equipment connections are available. BeaconMedaes suction regulators are ideal for continuous suction, intermittent suction, regulating suction and full suction operation needs. The regulators are designed to be easy to see and operate and are built to last. Suction regulators are available in analog and digital versions. Analog regulators can be upgraded to digital in the field. Regulators are also offered with varied color casings for ease of department and model identification. To provide the best service for all patients, BeaconMedaes medical air flow meters are available in various flow ratings, including 200 cubic centimeters for infants, 1 and 3.5 liters per minute for babies and toddlers, and 8 and 15 liters per minute for adults. Other options include 15 liters per minute oxygen flow meters at 60 psi, air flow meters in 15 liters per minute at 50 psi and 15 liters per minute at 60 psi. BeaconMedaes SOT products can be offered as part of construction projects and as standalone items as facilities need replacements. “The SOT line, coupled with our existing medical gas offerings, will enable BeaconMedaes to gain a larger market share of the patient environment,” Kaht said. “We are excited about the expansion of our offering as it rounds out the products we can offer to the medical community.”