BeaconMedaes launches new design of multi-stage medical air dryers for HTM market

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launches the new design of their multi-stage duplexed medical air dryers for use in HTM-compliant Medical Air Plants.

The BeaconMedæs dMED range of medical air dryers offers unique multi-stage filtration that converts regular compressed air from any type of compressor into internationally certified medical air for delivery to operating theaters and hospital beds. The latest dryer range comes with a brandnew desiccant dryer. The manifolds at the top and bottom of the assembly have been specifically redesigned to reduce pressure drop. The bottom manifold now also incorporates an innovative flow distributor that ensures optimal air distribution over the desiccant bed and decreases wear of the desiccant. “The most important feature however is the new valve design” says Mark Allen, Vice President Marketing. “The direct-controlled valves reduce the risk of breakdowns and offer reliable control during air flow fluctuations. With this new design, vessel switching operates unfailingly, even in rough conditions.” BeaconMedæs dMED air dryer packages are designed and manufactured according to the ISO 13485 Quality Management System. They comply with the European Pharmacopeia and are CE certified in accordance with the Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC. This pre-certification simplifies the organisation and inspection by regulatory bodies, saving the hospital time and money and reducing the risk of a rework of the system to satisfy requirements. The new range stretches from 420 to 11.700 l/min and is now available through BeaconMedæs as part of their Medical Air Plant offer.