BeaconMedaes launches GEM Shield DIN Standard Terminal Units

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launches its GEM Shield DIN Standard Terminal Units providing antimicrobial protection for increased patient safety.

In line with our GEM Shield Medical Gas Terminal Units launched earlier this year, the DIN Standard version is meeting the same criteria and offering the same benefits as the HTM Standard sibling. Most important is to protect staff and patients by preventing cross contamination on the terminal unit. The GEM Shield DIN Standard includes an antimicrobial additive that actively stops the growth of bacteria. Tests performed by an external laboratory1 (according to ISO 22196:2011) showed efficiency >99,77% on E. coli species reduction and >99,82% on MRSA bacteria. The new GEM Shield Terminal unit was developed with its main goal to increase patient and staff safety even more. The GEM Shield DIN Standard Terminal Unit does not only have a modern and clinical appearance, it also matches to its electrical accessories even more closely, eliminating dust traps often associated with other designs. The fire-retardant Nylon 66 we use in our GEM Shield DIN Standard makes them resistant against any wear out. Endurance and strength tests confirm their exceptional durability, surpassing ISO requirements and expectations. With its clever design, the service holes at the front of the terminal units, the 2nd fix can easily be removed in one piece, offering a quick and simple maintenance routine.