Reduce risks and costs by identifying leaks on your Medical Gas Pipeline System

BeaconMedaes has been a trusted partner to healthcare facilities around the world. We understand the increased demand on your MGPS like no other. Our MedGasScan audit enables you to identify oxygen and other medical gas leaks on your pipeline and equipment, helping you to calculate the total losses on each gas pipeline and determine the amount of gas lost per annum. This can be converted back to a cost-saving for your facility, as well as help you eliminate the potential fire risk associated with oxygen leaks and reduce the large negative carbon impact of gases such as nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture (50% v/v). 

medgasscan medical gas pipeline system audit close-up
How does it work?

  • The camera detects ultrasonic signals produced by loss of gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture (50% v/v), or medical air, which are not audible to the human ear.
  • It forms an accurate acoustic image which is transposed in real-time on top of a digital camera picture, which allows the user to accurately see from which directions sound is arriving.
  • Once the gas system has been tested and tagged, a comprehensive report is produced highlighting any leaks on the system.
  • In the report, a visual record of the leak is produced - the louder the leak, the darker the image, with colours ranging from yellow to red.
  • The report is uploaded onto our cloud-based MGPS asset, compliance and risk management system, MyMedGas.