Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract Options


Besides PPM contracts, BeaconMedaes provides optional maintenance contracts for the following equipment:

Medical air & vacuum plant maintenance Plant equipment requires annual, bi-annual and fixed interval overhauls to ensure they continue to operate correctly. Service intervals are part of the equipment OM manual. Items that require regular maintenance include oil, oil separators, filters, desiccant (air), and bacterial filters (vacuum).

Vacuum bacterial filter change Bacterial filters prevent harmful bacteria reaching the pump unit and outgoing external exhaust system. The bacterial filters requires annual replacement. Protective clothing must be worn when servicing.

Air purity testing Medical air is a classified drug and needs to comply with the air quality standards set out in the European Pharmacophia monograph. Annual QC testing can be provided.

AGS LEV annual re-commissioning - AGS disposal systems are classified as a local exhaust ventilation (LEV). Annual re-commissioning should be performed under COSHH regulations. All outlets and the plant units are performance tested, and a formal report is provided. - AGS flow regulating valves are prone to collecting dust which affects the system performance. Optional filters can be installed on Beacon-Medaes systems to protect against dirt ingress to the pump, to help prolong pump life. These filters require annual replacement which should be conducted at the same time as the LEV testing.

Pressure relief valve changes HTM02-01 part B state PRV’s should be replaced every 5 years under a planned replacement procedure.

Regulator replacement Industrial standards state regulators connected to portable devices should be replaced every 5 years. Regulator replacement, if required, should be changed at the same time as the PRV and overhaul is being undertaken in order to limit gas disruption to the hospital.

Manifold overhauls - BeaconMedaes manifold systems should be overhauled every 5 years and should be undertaken at the same time as the mandatory replacement of the relief valves in order to minimise gas disruption to the hospital. It is advised regulators should be replaced at this same time, again to minimise disruption and ensure good working order of the equipment. - Tailpipes & NRV’s are inspected by the hospital porter and replaced as required. As copper tailpipes work harden they can split therefore cupro nickel tailpipes are recommended. When replacing empty cylinders the bending and handling of tailpipes can also cause ruptures.

Medical gas hose replacement Due to the movement of pendant systems medical gas hoses can become worn or deteriorate over time. Equipment manufacturers typically advise every 5 years for recommended replacement.

Outlet upgrades To take advantage of modern technology BeaconMedaes Gem Shield anti microbial terminals can replace older Gem 10 terminal units

Alarm Upgrades The Total Alert Infinity notification system can replace older Medipoint 26 and 125 systems utilising the existing cables and back box. This will enable you to connect your medical gas alarm system onto your LAN for increased visibility – any PC on the network can access alarm status expanding your system.