Repair of Existing Products

Corrective maintenance is repair work that is performed on a piece of equipment to restore it to its proper operating condition. This is typically unscheduled work, requested by the customer or person performing planned maintenance. These types of repairs would not be included typically in the PPM contract, even though the PPM service may be instrumental in identification of the needed repair. BeaconMedaes not only offers competitive labour rates and OEM parts pricing, but stands behind both for 90 days.

Replacement on all equipment

How often have you wished for your medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) maintenance provider to be able to offer you a full maintenance package including medical dryers, air compressors, manifolds and vacuum pumps? Now you can have all those options included as part of your PPM contract. This is better than being provided on an ad hoc basis as the work can be scheduled more effectively. The work is planned up front and not forgotten amidst the busy day to day running of your facility.

Re-commissioning AGS LEV annual

A facilities active anaesthetic gas scavenge system AAGSS requires re balancing under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations on an annual basis. As with equipment servicing it is better to include this option along with your PPM contract in order to best plan the works, especially as undertaking this task will require access to operating theatres, ITU/ICU, resuscitation and other high dependency areas. For this reason we can accommodate this work either out of hours or at weekends if required.