Medical Claw Vacuum Systems - Standard

The Most Efficient Vacuum Technology Available

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The BeaconMedaes Claw Vacuum System utilizes a dry, frictionless, multi-claw technology. The rotors (claw) spin in opposite directions, synchronized via precision gears, creating a highly efficient vacuum system. The rotors never contact the housing or each other, which removes the need for any lubricant or sealing fluid inside the pumping chamber.

TotalAlert™ Embedded

State of the art TotalAlert™ Embedded controls are the most visible part of the re-engineered medical Claw system. All systems incorporate a large “system” screen with additional “unit” screens for each pump/motor combination.

TotalAlert™ Embedded features include:

  • High-detail touchscreen displays vital system information, alarms and warnings, maintenance screens, and event logs
  • Embedded web server, remote monitoring and e-mail/pager alerts
  • Ethernet connectivity for simple installation and TotalAlert™ networking
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