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Let’s grow together

BeaconMedaes owes its success and longevity to its dedicated people. Our commitment is to attract top talent and foster a culture of inclusion, respect, and opportunity for growth. Operating globally, BeaconMedaes employs hundreds of people, reflecting our diverse and dynamic society. Explore the opportunity to join the BeaconMedaes "family" and discover a place where your career can flourish. 

Dmitry Karablinov and Amit Srivastava at Brainstorm
BeaconMedaes Customer Service Specialist
Susan Walker General Manager BeaconMedaes UK at Brainstorm Meeting
Service Technician beaconmedeaes telephone
Assembler Product Factoryin Wuxi

How we value our people

Discover how BeaconMedaes puts people first, valuing employees as core to our success. Learn about our commitment to a safe, inclusive environment that drives innovation and growth.