Training & Optimization

Ensuring safety and peak efficiency in medical gas systems through expert training and optimization solutions.

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Ensuring a safe medical gas system through comprehensive training and credentialing

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to safety and excellence in medical gas systems. Every individual working with or around a medical gas system must be well-versed in its safe operation and the potential risks involved. That's why training is fundamental to what we do. Regardless of the medical gas standard you adhere to, our certified regional trainers and training partners are here to support your team in acquiring and renewing their medical gas system knowledge.

Optimize your system for peak efficiency

Medical facilities experience fluctuating patient needs and requirements, which can strain your Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS). As these demands evolve, it's crucial to assess and adapt your system to meet the new standards. Whether you need to modify your system to handle increased demands, address underperformance, or identify and quantify potential concerns, our team is here to help. As your trusted partner, we offer a variety of solutions to identify risks and ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency.

Services we provide

Training & Credentialing

Ensure patient safety with comprehensive training in medical gas systems. Our expert-led courses, online or in-person, provide invaluable insights and credentials for healthcare professionals.
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MedGasScan Leak Detection

Detect medical gas leaks in healthcare settings with the MedGasScan, designed to identify ultrasonic signals from hard-to-hear leaks.
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Lifecycle Management

MyMedGas maps and categorizes medical assets for data-driven decisions, planning retrofits, and ensuring code compliance.

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