Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal Systems

Ensure a more secure hospital environment with our innovative Anesthetic Gas Disposal Solutions, designed for effective waste gas management.

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Versatile Anesthetic Gas Disposal Solutions for every need

Our Anesthetic Gas Disposal solutions are specifically designed to meet the critical need for safe and effective disposal of waste anesthetic gases in healthcare settings, such as operating theaters and maternity wards. Available in various configurations to accommodate different hospital sizes and requirements, our systems are adept at capturing and removing excess gases directly from the source, preventing their accumulation in the environment. As a vital component of modern healthcare facilities, our solutions play a significant role on enhancing occupational health and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Enhancing safety with essential Anesthetic Gas Disposal

Recognizing the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to anesthetic gases, our systems offer a complete solution that protects both healthcare professionals and patients. Inadequately managed anesthesia gases can lead to serious health risks, including respiratory issues, cognitive impairment, and long-term occupational exposure effects. Our well-designed systems not only efficiently remove excess anesthetic gases from the environment, significantly reduce the risk of exposure and potential health hazards, but also help facilities comply with regulatory standards and guidelines. This commitment to safety, care excellence, and occupational health enhances a facility's reputation, boosts staff morale, and increases patient confidence, highlighting the essential role of effective anesthetic gas management.

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Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS)

The AGSS actively removes waste anesthetic gases from operating rooms, reducing health hazards and ensuring a safer environment for medical personnel.
Anaesthetic Scavenging System (AGSS) Duplex 520 front view


Central Destruction Unit (CDU)

The CDU and AGSS by Medclair and BeaconMedaes efficiently manage nitrous oxide with low energy, quiet operation, and ease of use, safeguarding up to 14 rooms.
Central Destruction Unit (CDU)


Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (WAGD)

The Claw medical vacuum pump, labeled "O2 Assured," safely operates in high oxygen environments with a contact-free, efficient design, eliminating lubricants.
Claw Vacuum Vane System with TotalAlert 360 controller front


Halogenated Drug Recovery System (HDR)

The HDR system efficiently captures 99% of anesthetic gases post-scavenging, significantly reducing environmental impact for enhanced hospital sustainability.
Halogenated Drug Recovery System (HDR) Sustainable Solution

Safeguarding the environment with effective Anesthesia Gas Management

Capturing anesthesia gases is crucial for mitigating their environmental impact, as these potent greenhouse gases contribute to greenhouse effect. Effective disposal systems in healthcare settings can significantly reduce emissions, aligning with sustainability efforts and promoting a healthier planet. By managing these emissions, healthcare facilities help combat global warming, showcasing a commitment to environmental protection and the well-being of future generations.

Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal Applications

Anesthetic Gas Disposal is crucial in healthcare facilities to manage and mitigate the risks associated with the exposure to anesthetic gase

  • Operating Rooms: They are the primary location where anesthetic gases are used and subsequently need to be disposed of, to maintain a safe environment for both the medical staff and the patient.

  • Maternity wards: efficiently removes Nitrous Oxide from operating wards, ensuring a safe environment for mothers, newborns, and healthcare staff.

  • Recovery Rooms: Post-operation, patients may exhale residual anesthetic gases which need to be captured and disposed of to prevent accumulation in the air.

  • Dental Offices: Used during procedures involving sedation, WAGD systems help in dental practices to ensure the safety of both dental professionals and patients.

  • Veterinary Clinics: Similar to human medical settings, anesthetic gases are used in veterinary medicine for animal surgeries and procedures, requiring effective disposal systems to maintain air quality.

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