TotalAlert Infinity Medical Gas Notification Systems

No Time Wasted While Patients Are Taken Care of

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Every minute is crucial during a medical gas emergency, and TotalAlert Infinity™ notification systems ensure no time is wasted while patients are taken care of and a solution is found. With this state-of-the-art medical gas alarm, facilities can be sure the right instruction gets to the right person at exactly the right time.

BeaconMedaes TotalAlert Infinity Medical Gas Notification System

BeaconMedaes is proud to introduce the new TotalAlert Infinity Medical Gas Notification System. TotalAlert Infinity goes beyond any other medical gas alarm, becoming part of the facilities' emergency action plans.

Through Ethernet, TotalAlert Infinity™ alarm panels can replicate, or ‘mirror,’ another TotalAlert Infinity™ alarm located elsewhere in or outside the facility. Through the TotalAlert network, a facility’s medical gas equipment can be monitored 24/7 from one central location.

TotalAlert Infinity™ Notification Systems can also monitor any device equipped with 4-20 mA outputs. It is now possible to measure flows, levels, concentrations, humidity, and other parameters and bring those readings right to the nearest alarm panel or any network-enabled device.

Using the colorful touch screen LCD display, users can customize everything from instructions, screen brightness, and gas badge color. The TotalAlert Infinity is designed now to handle any standard and language, even non-Latin alphabets, making it a truly global solution.

TotalAlert Infinity™ panels can easily up-fit older alarms, including the BeaconMedæs TotalAlert2 , MEGA2 and Medipoint models. Retrofit kits are available for almost any existing alarm system, including the most competitive panels.

TotalAlert Infinity alarms also include Biomaster, an additive that has been proven to inhibit bacterial growth. Disclaimer: Use of this product does not protect user from disease-bearing and food-borne pathogens.

Note: Several features of the TotalAlert Infinity are patent pending


Monitoring 4-20 mA Devices

NFPA Standard Technical Specifications

HTM-ISO Standards Technical Specifications