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Within the medical and laboratory gas market, we specialize in air, vacuum and gas distribution systems, along with pipeline components for healthcare facilities. Our numerous assembly facilities and an extensive sales and service network worldwide ensure quality and excellence in meeting your needs. 

Plantroom HTM with TMA Medical Air System, AGSS and mVAC

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At BeaconMedaes, we are dedicated to enhancing healthcare environments through innovative and reliable medical gas systems. Our products are designed to support critical healthcare operations, from large hospitals to small clinics, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of medical gases.

Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of solutions including air, vacuum, oxygen and anesthetic gas disposals systems, and pipeline components, all manufactured to the highest standards. BeaconMedaess is committed to providing not only state-of-the-art equipment but also exceptional customer support, comprehensive training, and expert aftermarket services.

Explore our site to learn more about how our cutting-edge technology and services can help you optimize your healthcare facility’s gas supply and management, ensuring the best care environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

Medical Gas Equipment

Explore our wide range of customized medical gas pipeline solutions, including air, vacuum, oxygen and manifold systems, along with medical gas pipeline equipment.

Plantroom Oxygen System with two BMO's, CMS and Purge Kit


BeaconMedaes ensures well-maintained Medical Gas Pipeline Systems through initial setup, proactive and predictive maintenance, lifecycle management, inspections, and training.


Take control of your medical gas assets with MyMedGas, the comprehensive solution for managing pipeline systems and ensuring compliance and team competence.

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Explore BeaconMedaes detailed product information, including specifications, manuals, and insights. Our documentation library offers valuable knowledge about our medical gas systems. 

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Our Product Offering

From providing pure, medical-grade air and oxygen that sustain patients' lives, to powering surgical tools and supporting fast, precise laboratory diagnostics, BeaconMedaes ensures that vital medical gases are always available, reliable, and safe. We unveil the systems and technologies that make up the backbone of medical gas delivery in a healthcare facility—from the plant room to the patient environment. 

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