BeaconMedaes Introduces Next-Generation TMA Medical Air Supply System

September, 2023 – BeaconMedaes is excited to announce the launch of its next-generation TMA Medical Air Supply System. The new TMA combines proven technology in a unique all-in-one package with an ultra-compact footprint. It gives hospitals a fully integrated, easy to commission solution with factory-guaranteed optimal performance.

For over seven decades, BeaconMedaes has developed and built the life support equipment that is at the heart of the modern hospital. Through extensive research and years of development, it is now able to introduce a true all-in-one medical air supply system.

Factory tested
BeaconMedaes’ new TMA Medical Air Supply System comes fully assembled as a final medical product. It is integrated, wired, connected, and tested at the factory to give customers fast, correct commissioning as well as guaranteed performance.

All-in-one solution
The TMA comes equipped with duplex compressors, dryers, coolers, controllers and other components, offering 100% redundancy in case of equipment malfunctioning. That means it can be used for surgical (HTM), instrument (NFPA), and technical air applications.

Compartments are isolated mechanically and electrically to ensure safe service interventions on one part while the other part keeps running.

The new TMA consists of proven, premium components, including Atlas Copco oil-injected screw compressors (optionally with variable speed drive technology), desiccant dryers with a -46oC dew point and purge saver mode, central control with touchscreen and remote monitoring, aftercooler temperature sensors (HTM), and a Failed-To-Go-On-Load switch (HTM).

Certifications & standards
The TMA meets all required standards including HTM 02-01 Medical Gases Health Technical Memorandum and ISO 7396-1:2016 Medical gas Pipeline Systems. The complete unit is system certified as EU MDR Class IIA Medical Device, as well as NFPA99 instrument air and European Pharmacopoeia. The all-in-one system is made at a facility certified to produce medical products according to ISO 13485.

TMA Medical Air System One Vessel
TMA Medical Air System with Two Vessels and VSD

When it comes to medical air, there is no room for error or compromising on quality. We also understand operational considerations such as space limitations. Which is why we are extremely proud of our next-generation TMA Medical Air Supply System. It offers what our customers need today: easy, correct installation, guaranteed performance, and 100% redundancy in a compact, all-in-one package.

Dmitry Karablinov , Global Product Manager