BeaconMedaes TotalAlert Infinity™ notification system HTM-ISO standards

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, has expanded its offering for the TotalAlert Infinity™ notification system with the launch for HTM and ISO standards. This revolutionary notification system helps hospitals and other health facilities respond faster to medical gas alerts. This monitoring system is the first of its kind in the world to provide users with customized alerts and action plans to ensure patient welfare in the event of a medical gas fault.

The historic practice of medical staff relying upon simple buzzers to notify them of a medical gas supply problem leaves patients vulnerable to confusion and delays over who acts and what is done when an alarm goes off. To remedy this and better protect patients in the event of an emergency, the TotalAlert Infinity for HTM and ISO standards incorporates an 8” LCD touchscreen that displays pre-programmed, customized instructions based on the nature of the problem that has been detected in the system. As a result of these capabilities, non-technical staff such as nurses have sufficient information to determine whether the equipment is safe to use, ensure patients are not at risk and take immediate action if necessary. Additionally, the system can be networked across multiple devices to ensure that notifications and instructions are always directed to the most appropriate members of staff in any given situation. The TotalAlert embedded network is powerful but easy to implement, allowing monitoring of multiple device types at several locations via the facility network, over computers and smartphones, or with any wi-fi enabled tablet. Through Ethernet, TotalAlert Infinity can replicate or mirror alarm signals to another device located elsewhere, whether inside or outside the facility. TotalAlert Infinity can also monitor any device equipped with 4-20 mA outputs. It is now possible to measure flows, levels, concentrations, humidity, and other parameters and send those readings directly to the nearest alarm panel or any network-enabled device. An on-board history log in every alarm tracks events, creating a record of what maintenance needs to be performed and when it was done. The data can be easily downloaded and printed, a great aid in the accreditation process. Now designed to handle any standard and language, including non-Latin alphabets, the TotalAlert Infinity offers a truly global solution to the healthcare sector. Jonathan Brooks, Product Manager for BeaconMedaes, said: “The TotalAlert Infinity notification system is a game changer for medical facilities, as it can truly allow an alarm to be an active participant in a hospital’s emergency response strategy.