BeaconMedaes launches GEM “Shield” Terminal Units

BeaconMedaes, part of the Atlas Copco Group, launches new GEM “Shield” Terminal Units offering improved features and added patient safety.

BeaconMedaes is excited to announce the next generation of medical gas terminal units. In line with our ability to stay at the forefront of medical technology, BeaconMedaes has produced GEM “Shield” Terminal Units to better meet the needs of our customers. With a curved gas identification ring, the GEM “Shield” Terminal Unit not only looks more modern, it also incorporates an anti-microbial additive to help reduce cross infection. The anti-microbial additive kills bacterial cells in a number of ways. The additive binds to the cell wall of bacteria, disrupting growth. The ions interfere with enzyme production, stopping the cell from producing energy and the additive also interrupts the cell’s DNA, preventing replication. Independent laboratory reports show a reduction of E-coli and MRSA greater than 99 percent. A safety taggant enables the user to verify the unit includes the anti-microbial additive, offering complete peace of mind. “With the anti-microbial additive increasing patient safety, our GEM Shield Terminal Units meet needs even beyond what we provided with our trusted GEM 10 Installations,” said Andy Tudor, Atlas Copco Medical UK product development manager. The new GEM “Shield” Medical Gas Terminal Unit features a modernized trim plate that removes dust traps, decreasing the risk of cross infection. The fixing screws can be accessed from the front on the new GEM “Shield” Terminal Unit, cutting the exchange time by 15 minutes and providing for quick and simple routine maintenance. All GEM “Shield” terminal units are easily retrofitted onto existing GEM 10 installations. With improved patient safety, installation and maintenance, the new BeaconMedæs GEM “Shield” Terminal Unit ensures the reliable service our products are known for will continue.