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Installation Services - UK

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With our in-house design team and our installation engineers located throughout the UK we can provide a truly comprehensive service.

Following the design through and implementing it on-site requires the skilled, dedicated and experienced technicians that BeaconMedæs possess. With our ability to manufacture and supply our own components, plant and patient environment products we can ensure that your installation is completed professionally and on schedule.

Our UK installation team is registered with SAFEcontractor, Constructionline, and CHAS organizations. These registrations are sometimes a prerequisite to participate in the tender process.

For more information, please contact us +44 (0) 1246 474 242 (After regular business hours, please call for service at 0800 252 050). To find a service specialist in your area, please see our Sales and Service Directory.

Installation Brochure - UK

Installation Services - US

BeaconMedæs provides trained professionals to verify proper installation and assist in the start-up of your new medical Gas or Vacuum Systems. See our Sales and Service Directory for your nearest representative. You may also contact us at 888 463 3427.

Installation Services Elsewhere in the World

Internationally our extensive network of distributor partners allows us to take this expertise out to you, our customers, in your country.

Regardless of where in the world you may be located our commitment to excellence remains the same. Our systems truly are "Designed for Life". To find a Medical Gas Specialist or authorized distributor in your area, please see our Sales and Service Directory.