Breathing Air Component System

Modular design providing purified breathable air fit for emergency expansions

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pMED Air Filtration

pMed Air Filtration

Stage 1 (X1) Removes bulk liquid, particles and coalesced oil aerosols down to 0.1 mg/m³

Stage 2 (XA) Grade XA filtration removes liquids. Submicron particles and oil aerosols down to 0.01mh/m³

Stage 3(PDBA) Removes moisture down to -40°C (-40°F) and CO2 down to 500 ppm. This stage uses specially selected Pureflow adsorbant to prevent issues of oxygen spiking.

Stage 4 (HC) Hopcalite catalyst removes CO maintaining levels to less than 5ppm.

Stage 5 (RAC) A combined activated carbon filter to remove odour, tastes and oil vapour and a particulates filter to remove down to 0.01 micron.