Why standards are important for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS)

January 27, 2023

Patient room

Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) is a highly dependable medical life support network to provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective system to the hospital.

The MGPS system conveys medical gases, vacuum and compressed medical air through a pipeline system at the point of use in the wards, operation theatres, ICUs etc. 

For any hospital, a patient’s health, safety and well-being of hospital staff depend on the effective functioning of the medical gas management system. As it is a highly technical field, in-depth knowledge is essential for a system designer and the executing team. For this, courses are available to gain expertise in this field. People executing tasks with limited knowledge often result in low-quality work, impacting efficiency and safety.

The primary reason for this activity is the lack of awareness of various medical standards, guidelines and safety requirements which are critical for patient safety and the hospital's reputation

What are the various International Standards related to MGPS?

The purpose of the gas management system is to provide safe and sufficient flows at the required pressure for the positive gases and suction for vacuum.

This precision can be achieved only by following standards for the product, design, installation and commissioning of the system. In India, organized sectors mostly follow international standards as guidelines and references for MGPS.

  • NFPA 99 - American Standard.
  • HTM 02-01 - British Standard
  • ISO - European Standard. 

Before the use of the installed system, third-party validation and certification through an ‘Authorized Party’ are mandatory as per all above international standards. 

Checklist for selecting the vendor:

Checklist for renting - blog post
  1. Check if the MGPS vendor has the experience and the certification in MGPS. Certification courses by HTM are 'Authorized Person', and 'Competent person' and courses offered by NFPA are ASSE6010, ASSE 6020 & ASSE6060
  2. MGPS vendor should follow the standards for design, installation and commissioning. 
  3. The products selected should be designed under standards. 
  4. Before the use of the installed system, get third-party validation from the certified person for that standard. 
  5. The quality of products is an important factor for the system and the same should be checked thoroughly. 

One should keep in mind, before placing the order, that MGPS is not a like a regular plumbing job. It is a life-saving system and its design, installation and commissioning require a high degree of skill, expertise and experience.