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For over 65 years, BeaconMedaes has been a trusted partner to healthcare facilities around the world.

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Welcome to BeaconMedaes India

BeaconMedaes, part of Atlas Copco, is a leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of piped medical gas distribution systems. We proudly play a vital role in hospitals around the globe in sustaining patients when they are at their most vulnerable.

BeaconMeades in India also specializes in medical air, medical suction, and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems. We assist our customers with exceptional technical support and customer service to maintain our name as one of the world's largest medical gas service providers.

Our solutions comply with the world’s different medical gas standards including  HTM 02 01 / HTM 2022 / NFPA 99 / IS0 8573-1 / ISO 14971 / EN ISO 7396-1


Discover our Medical Gas solutions

Medical Air Compressor System

BeaconMedaes Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System

A hospital’s medical air supply is a vital life support service, maintaining respiration of the critically ill during mechanical ventilation. The critical field of patient care requires ultra clean medical air delivered to operating theatres and hospital beds with absolute reliability.

Applications: Medical air 4 bar, surgical air 7 bar.

Technology available: Oil - Lubricated Screw  / Oil Free- Tooth / Scroll / Piston

For those who look for even lower energy consumption, the ZT-MED tooth compressors and GA-MED oil-injected screw compressor are also available with Variable Speed Drive

Medical Vacuum System

Mvac 500

Our Medical Vacuum Systems provide a highly reliable medical vacuum (suction) for a variety of applications, mainly in operating theaters and intensive care, emergency and respirology units.

The technology available: Claw/ Lubricated rotary vane/ Oil-less rotary/ Oil–sealed rotary screw  

Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System - AGSS

The Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging (AGS) system is an active system which removes anaesthetic gas mixtures from operating theatres and any other areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units. The removal at the source thus eliminates the possible long-term health hazards to exposed medical staff.

Technology available: Claw / Blower

Medical Oxygen Systems

Medical oxygen is an irreplaceable component for many basic medical procedures and treatments, and an invaluable supplement to many other treatments.

By producing your own oxygen, you don’t need to rely anymore on third parties for your oxygen supply. A key element of the system is our PSA OGP MED Generator which separates the oxygen from ambient air and allows the facility to have a stand-alone oxygen production capability right on the facility site.

All main components such as the compressors, dryers, filters and PSA generator, are manufactured in-house.

Medical Breathing Air Purifiers

Our range of medical air purifiers offers unique multi-stage filtration that converts compressed air into internationally certified medical air.

With innovative features including patented purge nozzle design and integrated energy management control for unsurpassed energy efficiency, and a unique all-in-one desiccant dryer, filtration and controls assembly, the range of air purifiers offers both the simplest and most robust approach available for medical air purification.

Medical Gas Manifolds

Lifeline Manifold

BeaconMedaes manifolds are available in a variety of configurations and gas services for gas cylinder and liquid container applications. Our manifolds are designed to be superior performers in any medical gas service. Manifolds are small in size and have superior flow rates. The forging design ensures fewer leaks with no NTP connections.

Manifolds are available in 340 kPa (50 psig), 690 kPa (100 psig) and 1,240 kPa (180 psig) versions.

Medical Gas terminal Units

Lifeline Manifold

Whatever outlet system you have, you need new outlets and parts that are absolutely identical to your current system. It’s our goal to ensure that the parts you buy are identical and reliably interchangeable with the parts you have. 

Outlets are available in a wide range of mounting options, connection types and orientations to suit installations in walls, bedhead trunking, headwalls and pendant systems.

All user accessible parts incorporate an antimicrobial additive to assist with infection control. Biomaster antimicrobial additive in all user accessible parts to actively reduce the growth of bacteria thus limiting the chance of cross infection.

Medical Gas Alarms

Lifeline Manifold

Every minute is crucial during a medical gas emergency. Medical Gas Notification System provides central and area alarm signals to ensure no time is wasted while patients are taken care of and a solution is found.

With BeaconMedaes state-of-the-art medical gas alarm, facilities can be sure the right instruction gets to the right person at exactly the right time.

Medical Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU)


The BeaconMedaes Area Valve Service Units monitor individual gas pipelines and central medical gas systems within hospitals and grant fast access to the pipeline in case of fire or any other malfunctions. The Area Valve Service Unit can accommodate from 1 to 6 gas services.

Suction and Oxygen Therapy (SOT)

Suction Oxygen Therapy (SOT) equipment

The BeaconMedæs range of Suction Oxygen Therapy (SOT) equipment provides a seamless solution between your medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) and downstream patient equipment supplier - enabling a one stop provider for all your medical gas needs.

Watch the video to know more about the medical gas pipeline systems from our expert

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