MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold

Secure the reliability of your medical gas supply

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Uncompromising Safety

Complete redundancy on all components, ensuring the medical gas supply cannot be interrupted.

Outstanding Efficiency

Dome-loaded regulators and forged brass construction reduce connections by 50%, eliminating potential leakages at the source.

Incredible Intelligence

Full-colour touchscreen with real-time pressure and flow monitoring, combined with native BMS HLI and online compatibility, provides peace of mind at all times.

For a healthcare facility, a constant supply of medical gases is of critical importance to ensure safe, quality patient care. That is why we designed the new MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold System to deliver superior reliability. The medical gas manifold provides complete redundancy on all components, ensuring the medical gas supply cannot be interrupted. In addition, its smart features make it easy and efficient to operate. 

Proven manifold engineering


MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold

MAT-S Automatic Medical Gas Manifold

1. Robust construction

The dome bias regulator helps reduce connections by 50% and therefore the risk of leakages. Also, the manifold design allows for the highest possible utilization of the medical gas cylinders while ensuring patient safety, providing operational cost savings.

2. Comprehensive Data Availability

The MAT-S manifold monitors, records and displays all available real-time data via the 7” touch-screen colour display, including cylinder and line pressures, gas consumption trend visualizations, and estimated time until cylinder changeover, to allow for confidence and simplicity when managing your medical gas cylinder supply system.

3. Intuitive Connectivity

The MAT-S includes native BMS compatibility via Modbus or BACnet, as well as internet connectivity via the integrated Smartbox, for real-time remote monitoring of the comprehensive data available from the controller.

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Our solutions comply with Australian Standard AS2896-2021 for Medical gas systems - Installation and testing of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems.

This Standard sets out requirements for the safety aspects, construction, testing and certification, operation and maintenance of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems used for patient care, therapeutic, diagnostic and for operating surgical tools.