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For over 65 years, BeaconMedaes has been a trusted partner to healthcare facilities around the world.

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Welcome to BeaconMedaes Australia

BeaconMedaes in Australia specializes in medical air, vacuum systems and anaesthetic gases. We assist our customers with exceptional technical support and customer service to maintain our name as one of the world's largest medical gas service providers. 

Our solutions comply with Australian Standard AS2896-2011 for Medical gas systems - Installation and testing of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems.

This Standard sets out requirements for the safety aspects, construction, testing and certification, operation and maintenance of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems used for patient care, therapeutic, diagnostic and for operating surgical tools.


Featured products

Medically fit vacuum pumps

A rugged and durable medically fit lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump provides the heart of the vacuum solution. Ensuring the critical operation of the vacuum system, our medically fit pumps are designed to tackle the challenges facing vacuum systems in medical environments with features including low noise levels, even distribution of lubrication temperatures, and long wear vane design.



  • Reserve unit is always ready to run
  • Supply the patient even with pump failure


  • Compact design 
  • System is built as single unit
  • Built-in bacteria filters 
  • Opera as designed 


  • All alarms in place

Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System - AGSS

Protect Your Medical Personnel: The AGSS is an active system which removes anaesthetic gas mixtures from operating rooms and any other areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units.

Duplex or Simplex?
Where planned preventative maintenance or a breakdown of a blower could interrupt the smooth running of the operating department, a duplex system is strongly recommended. In the event of a blower malfunction, the stand-by unit is automatically brought online, ensuring the AGS system continues to provide protection for medical staff, and that operations do not have to be delayed or cancelled.

Medical Breathing Air Plant

  • SAS Scroll Air System 
  • Fully pipped and wired, ready for operation 
  • Fits through Standard Doors 
  • All bypasses installed 
  • Includes pressure regulators & line safety valves 
  • Electronic water drain on receiver 
  • -12 Deg C PDP dessicant dryer with purge control 
  • Real PDP measurement for moisture alarm 
  • Automatic change over on fault and to equalise running hours 
  • Visual and audible alarms as per AS2896 
  • Alarm contact interface for remote alarms 
  • Includes CO sensor and alarm

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Hardik Parikh

Business Line Manager – Medical Gas Solutions