Compliance & Lifecycle Management

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Ensuring compliance with Medical Gas Standards

BeaconMedaes specializes in helping you maintain compliance and manage the lifecycle of your Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) effectively. Our innovative MyMedGas program offers a digital twin of your assets, enabling complete traceability at the asset level. This centralized, digital platform simplifies record management and ensures all data is easily accessible.

Our certified regional technicians are equipped to handle all tasks related to medical gas standards, including NFPA99 verifications and HTM PPM Inspections. Our sophisticated online work order system is designed to ask the right questions, ensuring every job adheres to your medical standards. With MyMedGas, you no longer need to sift through physical binders for repair work orders. Simply choose an asset and access its full history with just a tap.

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Services we provide

Lifecycle Management

MyMedGas maps and categorizes medical assets for data-driven decisions, planning retrofits, and ensuring code compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

MyMedGas enhances medical gas compliance with a detailed dashboard and report, aiding maintenance and ensuring systems meet standards.
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Daily Rounds

TotalAlert 360 modernizes medical gas maintenance with digital capture and cloud storage, streamlining daily checks and reporting.
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