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Manage your medical gas supply directly to the patient with our Medical Point of Use products.

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Enhancing medical gas supply

In the fast-changing world of healthcare, point-of-use products are crucial for safely and precisely delivering medical gases directly to patients. Flow meters play a vital role in ensuring the accurate administration of these gases, which is essential for patient treatment. Additionally, suction vacuum regulators efficiently handle liquid waste during medical procedures. These products are distinguished by their ease of use, durable construction, and adherence to medical healthcare standards, making them vital for effective patient care and operational efficiency in medical facilities.

Main uses of Medical Point of Use products

Point-of-use equipment is primarily utilized to manage and control the delivery of medical gases to patients. Flowmeters, which are connected to patients via a mask, facilitate the administration of oxygen at prescribed levels. These devices are available in different flow rates to cater to the specific needs of adults or neonatal oxygen therapy. They are often used with antibacterial filters and humidifiers to ensure the therapy is safe for patients.

Suction regulators, linked to central vacuum systems, are designed primarily to remove body fluids and waste from patients. They are actively used to suction liquids during surgical procedures and throughout the patient's recovery process in ICUs and recovery areas. This aids in promoting faster and safer healing in a hygienic environment. The regulators are equipped with safe, disposable, and recyclable collection jars.

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Suction & Oxygen Therapy (SOT)

Explore our Flow Meters and Suction Vacuum Regulators: essential for efficient healthcare, ensuring accuracy and compliance with medical standards.
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Suction & Oxygen Therapy (SOT)

Our Flowmeters and Suction Regulators are essential for precise medical gas management and patient care in healthcare settings.
Medical Vacuum Suction Regulator front view

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