Ceiling columns, Floor Pedestals & Hose Reels

Maximum Convenience and Accessibility

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Ceiling Columns

BeaconMedaes offers three types of steel ceiling columns for maximum convenience and accessibility:

  • Non-retractable, fixed position
  • Pneumatically powered, retractable
  • Manually operated, retractable
  • All are supplied with the same gas outlets and accessories used for wall installations.

    Floor Pedestals

    The compact, brushed stainless steel, floor-mounted service pedestal is available in two configurations to meet a variety of needs. The versatility of the pedestal allows the choice of up to 12 gas or accessory services. This product is durable, easily installed and serviced, and available for quick delivery.

    Hose Reels

    For maximum convenience and to reduce congestion in surgical suites, BeaconMedaes hose reels provide a simple, very mobile and effective means of distributing medical gas and vacuum services from the ceiling.

    Ceiling Columns, Pedestals and Hose Reel Specifications